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Blissfully Paint with Diamonds

Dive in to this relaxing and meditative adventure of Paint with diamonds.

Diamond Painting - A Blissful Journey

You’ve stumbled onto the right place. We’re delighted to have you on board through this blissful journey. Indulge in diamond painting and we’ll make sure you have a gratifying experience.

We take pride in providing the best quality canvas available in the market. We have also striven hard to possess the shiniest collection of diamonds and that is why we ensure that our customers receive 30% more diamonds than what our competitors provide. Our wide range of portfolio includes all sorts of special diamond paintings ranging in every color, size and shape. We also are the sole providers of state of the art tools. (We know you’re already convinced but hey wait! There’s more) Rare flex but If you’re not satisfied with our products, we guarantee that you’ll receive your hundred percent money back. All of this is only possible because of our excellent customer service. We believe in being and providing bliss.

How To: Paint by Diamonds

Shy to bring out your inner Da Vinci? You’re just at the right place. We’ll help you with our straightforward and easy guide to Diamond Painting:

Step #1

Lay down the canvas on a flat surface while pouring out the diamonds in their storage trays.

Step #2

Apply the adhesive on the Pen tool and proceed to lift the desired diamonds.


Ply the diamonds on their respective area until you’re done with the entire canvas


Ensure that you seal the painting prolifically and frame it to ensure longevity.

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Halloween Diamond Art

5 Things you MUST know about Diamond Art Painting

The historical progression of paintings has been extremely flamboyant as even after 40 thousand years, the painting fraternity is carrying on. The latest addition to this ongoing sea of creativity is diamond paintings.

Some of the must know things about diamond painting are:

#1 Diamond panting is a perfect detoxing tool for your soul and body. It fosters creativity and nurtures your mind to focus better.

#2 Diamond Painting is not just painting with diamonds, it is a form of art that everyone can master irrespective of age, gender or race.

#3 Paint with Diamonds is the perfect remedy for our technological addictions.

#4 Diamond Art is the most searched hobby as per recent trends.

#5 It serves as a portal to increase community interaction and quality family time that the world now seeks.

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It’s natural to feel skeptical pertaining to anything you are thinking to buy on the internet. By God’s grace, I stumbled onto this diamond painting bliss and I took a leap of faith. Trust me, I’m in utter bliss right now. I’m amazed at the level of commitment these guys put into providing their customers. I didn’t just join the diamond art clan, it’s a family. A brotherhood.

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I absolutely love how great this diamond painting experience is turning out!!! This site exceeded all my expectations! It is my very first go at diamond art and I’m hooked. Love how everything turns out to be exactly like it is described. Way to go!

Carrie Ashley