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Custom Diamond Painting Kits

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Ever imagined a world full of customization? (“Not really!” Chants the haunted spirits around me in denial.) If you thought nothing could top your favorite diamond paintings, you’re definitely in for a surprise because custom diamond paintings are the next best flex. As the name suggests, custom diamond painting gives you the leverage of choosing your treasured image/photo and we’ll transform that into a masterpiece that you can long commemorate.

How do we treat your custom treasuries?

  1. CHOP AND FRAME: Leave the cropping and framing part on us. We’ll make sure that the primary focus of the diamond painting will be on your subject(s). (Enhancing the overall appeal? You got it!)
  2. ENCHANTING ENHANCEMENTS: Our team has an eye for details and we guarantee that each and every detail will be exclusively enhanced through our magical lighting.
  3. AUSPICIOUS ADJUSTMENTS: We believe that every custom diamond painting is uniquely auspicious so it is our rightful duty to adjust your paintings to make them more glamorous, glittery, detailed, and vibrantly colored. (Treat to watch? Treat to watch!)


Custom diamond painting is a luxury that everyone can afford these days. It’s a no brainer really that the larger the canvas size will be, more immaculate detailing is what we promise and guarantee. Preferably one should order a canvas size greater than 40 cm in order to fetch the best results.

Wide range of size choice:  When we claim that its custom diamond painting, you get to choose your size based on our wide range of options. (For best results, opt for 40cm or more.)

Choose your diamond shape: Yes you read that right! You get to choose whether you want to rock with the rounds one or roll with the squared ones. (Rock or Roll folks!)

100% full drill coverage: You get to have more the fun because every canvas will need to be completely covered in diamonds.

We take pleasure in lamenting that our professional team carefully scrutinizes every custom diamond painting request to guarantee that we provide top notch results. Hurry up and order now.


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