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FAQs About Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is the new phenomenon that has taken the entire world by a storm. The unmatched gratifying experience that it provides to its customers is the sole reason everyone is indulging in this ever so growing hobby. There are no surprises whatsoever that everyone is searching and surfing the internet to learn more and more about this sensation. As always, we’ve got you covered here as well as we have compiled an all-inclusive list of most searched FAQ’s pertaining to diamond painting. Here it goes;

Q.) Does Diamond painting take up the entire (100%) canvas?

Ans.) Well hear us out here and you get to decide that yourself. Primarily, square drills tend to cover the entire canvas.

On the other hand, despite being full-drill in retrospect, round drills are guilty of leaving certain areas of the canvas still uncovered.

Then comes the partial drill paintings. Only a smaller proportion of the photo has an area where diamonds can be applied. (That’s a bummer, we know, right!) Recall that the painting area is a subset of the entire canvas. Here’s a fun fact for you; 99 percent of the times, you’ll come across the canvases that are full-drill whereas there are other partial drill collections too which are very rare to find and trust us, they are half as fun as the original full drills one.

Q.)What constitutes a diamond painting kit?

Ans.) Every diamond kit is special in their very own way but a standard kit is packed with:

  1. A delightfully printed canvas covered with a protective coating of plastic sheet
  2. Tiny, shiny and labelled drills (diamonds)
  3. Tweezers
  4. Settler (For plying the diamonds)
  5. The Adhesive gel

Q.)What is the adhesive gel used for?

Ans.) Every diamond kit comes equipped with a handy special adhesive gel or wax that serves the primary purpose of diamond painting. This gel enables you to pick up the diamonds prolifically. All you have to do is to take up a minute amount of gel with the pointy end of diamond applicator tool and use it gently to lift the diamonds and insert them in their designated place.

Q.)How does diamond painting work?

Ans.) Diamond painting is a very easy to learn technique. In short, all you have to do is to remove the plastic covering inch by inch and use the tweezers with some adhesive gel at their pointy ends to ply the labelled diamonds in their respective places.

Q.)What are the diamonds made of?

Ans.) These elegant and colorful diamonds are tailor-made to perfection by Eco-friendly resins which are known to have a long lasting sparkle, glitter and glamour.

Q.)Diamond painting belongs to which age group?

Ans.) Diamond painting is one of those rare gems that is fun for all ages irrespective of race or gender.

Q.)What is the difference between round drill and square drill Diamond Painting?

Ans.) The diamonds used in these drills are often called drills. There are two kinds of drills available in the market. One of them are squares and the other ones are round. It basically refers to their shapes in context. The square drills lament a mosaic effect and are perfect for individuals who have a hang of diamond painting. Round drills on the other hand provide a cross stitched experience. Round drills are perfect for beginners

Q.)What is the best size for diamond painting?

Ans.) The diamond painting experience comes in two shapes (round and square) and plenty of sizes. We recommend that smaller sized canvases should be used by beginners whereas the people who have invested a substantial amount of time doing these sort of paintings should step by step proceed towards using larger ones.

Q.)What is the size of each drill?

Ans.) The size of each drill is very tiny. Precisely it is somewhere around 2.5 mm per drill. We recommend that you store these drills securely in a storage pot or storage trays because they have a tendency to sneak out of sight and any missing drill can cause a mishap. Remember, the painting looks incomplete even if one of these drills get lost.

Q.)How long does it take to complete a diamond painting?

Ans.) That basically depends. The kits and canvases vary in sizes, larger sizes will require an ample amount of time whereas the smaller ones just require you to devote lesser hours as compared to the former. Anyways, in the market there are sizes which can be completed within a couple of hours whereas there are some giant sizes as well which require months to complete. There’s no hard and fast rule to complete this. It’s up to the users really.

Q.)How can I interact with other diamond painting artists?

Ans.) Diamond painting opens new horizons for every artist. One such benefit is the added social interaction that the diamond painting fraternity provides. There are plenty of Facebook groups and online communities where people can easily join and be a part of the clan. Remember, it is safe for everyone to join them. It acts as a prolific support system, confidence booster and a perfect remedy to fight your inner introvert.

Q.)How can one protect their finished diamond painting?

Ans.) Diamond painting is a one of its kind journey. Once you’ve completed the journey you can easily seal the product and then frame it to protect it from any sort of wear and tear. The prolific guide to sealing and framing the canvas is highlighted in a separate article and you can find that out here too.

Everything that is new in the market and everything that grasps interest of the masses is known to produce skepticism and curiosity. We hope that our prolific answers will quench your desire to eradicate your looming confusions. If you still have any other queries or questions, you can always contact us.